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  • Dr. James Geuder M.D.

How can you determine if you have a vein problem?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Vein screening is usually a free exam for people who may have or leg pain. It is an opportunity for people to determine if they have a vein problem. The exam could detect other disorders that may not stem from a venous problem.

Typically the health care provider examines the patient, determines the condition, and discusses options. Vein problems range from unsightly spider veins to serious medical conditions. The screening should determine whether the condition is a cosmetic problem or a medical issue.

Treatment options such as stockings, sclerotherapy, laser, phlebectomy, VNUS closure, ablation, VenaSeal, or vein stripping may be discussed. Further diagnostic studies or consultations may be recommended.

Vein screening is an opportunity for patients to determine if they have a vein problem and whether it is a covered benefit in their insurance plan. It also provides a free service that allows patients to “ shop around” and find a doctor and facility that is best for them.


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