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  • Dr. James Geuder M.D.

How to Choose a Vein Doctor

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Internet General

Type in Vein doctor with your location. You will see many ads and listings. The ads get top listing followed by the best designed web sites. These have the best SEO(search engine optimization) and get the most views. Many have useful information. However, internet visibility is probably not the best way to choose a doctor.

Internet Selective

Type in IAC (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission) certified vein center. Click find an IAC accredited facility. Scroll down modalities to vein center. Enter your zip code and submit. You will find a list of accredited facilities near you. You may also want to check for certification in vascular testing. The best centers will have both. These centers have met IAC standards for doctor’s credentials, appropriate equipment, safety, experience, quality review, and results. Certification requires confirming these standards, chart reviews, case studies, and on site inspection. They actually witness doctor-staff-patient interaction, diagnosis, and ultrasound testing. They observe surgical procedures to confirm proficiency.


Patients report their experience on sited such as, Healthgrades, Google, etc. Castle and Connolly is a service that lists Top Doctors who were recommended by their peers.

Vein Screening

This is usually a free service that allows the patient to see the office, meet the staff, and be evaluated for venous disease.


Check your local FB for reviews of the doctor

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